It is a traditional fallacy to assume that the best companies are those which have the best of talent. Instead, as a study by giant Bain and Company has revealed, it is the talent management of existing personnel that is more important. The top companies tend to cluster their top grade talent in a particular arrangement to maximize the benefits. Many of them use intentional non-egalitarianism. By this on purpose, the personnel are mixed up so that at each strategic point, there is one A grade talent who can have maximum influence on the area. Tech companies typically put their best personnel in software development while brand management may be more crucial to others. Many others succeed at this by unintentionally following non-egalitarianism. For such talent placement to be successful, it is pertinent that the company is aware of its star players and in which areas could they be best deployed. The company must also understand where they are then located and how versatile are they at work to replicate their similar success elsewhere. The roles that are most critical to achieving business success must be allowed to rope in the best available talent. Star talent must never be confined to silos but be distributed as per company requirements.


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