For several decades or even generations people across the world have been worried about losing their jobs due to automation. Thus fear is not new but especially gripping right now due to newer disruptive technologies coming to the fore. Over the years, several new professions such as app developer or MRI technician have emerged replacing manual ones. More than two thousand workplace activities and not jobs can be replaced using machines, as per a study conducted by management consulting giant McKinsey. More than half the activities can be performed better using machines saving companies trillions of dollars in wages. It is middle-skill activities within sectors such as manufacturing, warehousing, retail, transportation and food services that maximum such impact is going to take place. However, the same study has also found out that a fourth of CEOs’ time could be better utilized if machines would perform certain tasks such as analyzing or reading through reports. Instead the CEO could spend time working on innovations or managing people, something that machines lack the empathy to perform.


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