Date: 3rd Sep 2011 Seminar on ”Corporate World: Good, Bad or Ugly”
Location: Skyline Business School- Hauz Khas Campus
Speaker: Mr. Rajat Sabharwal, Former Managing Director, Alstom India

Mr. Rajat Sabharwal conducted a seminar on ”Corporate World: Good, Bad or Ugly”. In this session he discussed several aspects related to his experiences with Alstom, a French Multinational which works in the field of telecom & other communication channels. He also gave information about the work he has done over the years in his various positions.


The key points discussed were:
1. Ways to adapt to the corporate world.
2. Be clear on what to expect from a job.
3. What are the major expectations of seniors.
4. Certain key traits which are bound to help in the corporate world include
• Responsibility
• Initiative
• Positive Attitude
• Hard Work
• ‘Solution provider’ not ‘problem finder’
• Challenge the ‘incorrect’

Compiled by- Vinamra Rastogi, BBA L1 S1

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