The role of the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) is set to rise with the imprint of technology growing in marketing operations. Digital marketing in the previous decade was confined to e-commerce and the B2C segment but now increasingly entering into B2B. Five marketing technologies have been identified that the modern CMO must invest in for their respective organizations. First of them includes marketing automation softwares from the likes of Hubspot, Salesforce and Marketo. Then there is omni-channel marketing as this best helps track customer experience and maximize its scope.  As per research, marketers are expected to spend one-ninth of their online marketing budgets on business analytics but less than a fourth are as yet leveraging data to its fullest extent. Digital optimization tools can help convert leads from online marketplaces using techniques of PPC or CPC. Finally, programmatic Real Time Bidding (RTB) has been identified as the future of advertising. They run on adaptive algorithms to process vast chunks of data to meaningful information. In addition support technologies must also be leveraged such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Account Based Marketing (ABM).


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