Concepts such as e-learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI) have already made massive inroads in to corporate training. In fact for every dollar invested by company on online learning, there is a thirty times increase in productivity. Two-fifths of new recruits who receive poor training during their first year at a company, end up quitting. Also two-thirds of workers surveyed claim that training and development is most important part of the workplace policy. That is why investment on training has topped seventy billion dollars in the US alone. It is also considered among the top three non-financial motivators for three-fourths of employees. This trend is particularly strong among the millennial generation, a staggering eighty seven percent of whom confirm its due importance. However a talent research assessment carried out by Raytheon confirms that a mere seven percent of learning organizations are using predictive analytics in training. Automation cannot yet be considered complete as even now computers cannot be relied upon to execute tasks without any human interference. Gut feeling still plays an important role.


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