Human beings have the ability to process some information without being specifically told. This is part of the instinct developed over millions of years’ evolution. While this is called common sense among humans, machines need to be specifically told, hand-held rather at every step. Now things are however changing thanks to the influx of Deep Learning. At Facebook’s AI Lab and on Amazon’s Echo, Deep Learning principles are being applied. Deep Learning would not have been possible without the advent of Big Data, so much of which is now available that it is easier to process cognitive information. Even Microsoft has developed a tool using Deep Learning that seamlessly translates English in to Mandarin with an error rate of barely seven per cent. Voice assistants like Siri or Alexa also use such capabilities. Deep Learning involves neural networks similar to how human beings are structured. We are going through the phase of Deep learning OS 1 version. Major innovation is taking place in software. The design of neural networks for example is evolving. A marketplace is also developing to reuse them. Similarly, the hardware is evolving to combine the optimum mix between physical assets and Cloud based resources.


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