Behind every successful organization these days, there happens to be top notch employee engagement. Thus a study has separated out seven things that need to be kept in mind before designing such a tool. Firstly, tools may differ, but it is people’s requirements and relevance of the tool that are most important. Whatever tool finally gets selected, must be tailored for relevant company usage. This tailoring must also keep in mind company values. However, any tool used can only be an aid to corporate training, but not a magic pill. Clear benchmarks must be established against which performances will be measured. Similarly, prioritization must be done on which projects and requirements are of utmost necessity from the tool. While a lot of data will now be generated, this sort of data will only be useful to the company if proper analysis can be made to decipher exquisite business intelligence. The algorithm must be set in such a manner that the most accurate of results are deployed.


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