Some ways have been identified by which Google Analytics may be used for improvements to the website. First of all the Bounce Rate must be studied as a high one indicates a lack of engaging content on specific pages. For this resonating content needs to be put in place as engaging content has been observed to be among the best sources for digital marketing. Potential new markets need to be assessed. Attribution data needs to be checked as it provides business intelligence on which channels are doing best and which campaigns need greater improvisation. Here cross-channel attribution must also be studied. This can also help the marketers with understanding the various sources of traffic. Google Analytics also provides trends on daily basis. Customer behaviour may be tracked using a flow diagram which maps entire journey. The attention grabbing pages must be sued to the hilt. Priorities must be set right at the beginning between mobile and desktops. A thorough study needs to be made on keywords driving traffic. Finally Google Search Console must be enabled with the system.


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