Working modes have changed all over, but especially so in the industrialized nations. The typical nine-to-five working hours has been replaced by a more flexible system where employees are working remotely in different parts of the globe with minimum monitoring involved. Research has even confirmed that companies where employees are in sync with the corporate strategy and its values, are places where they tend to excel. But the challenge of fostering a positive company culture when remote teams are involved becomes much more difficult, so three ways have been collated together. For this to succeed, the company must make sure that the core values designed must be somewhat modified to fit in to various teams spread out geographically and across time zones with differing legal or regulatory frameworks. In fact during the stage of talent recruitment itself, companies must see the cultural fit rather than just the skills involved. Post selection as well, constant feedback needs to be provided to employees and the recruiting team to weed out unacceptable traits as far as possible. Such a cultural transformation can create winning teams.



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