Emotional Intelligence (EI) has wrongly been attributed to be all about being sweet or nice to people. Thus people possessing string EI skills have been relegated to the middle levels with few chances of growth. Instead emotional intelligence is one of the strongest instruments of talent management. EI can broadly be divided into twelve categories under four headlines. Under social awareness, there is empathy and organizational awareness. Then there is emotional self-awareness. Under the headline of relationship management, lie the categories of influence, conflict management, mentorship or coaching, teamwork and inspirational leadership. Someone who excels at conflict management can deliver honest, even brutal feedback to employees whenever required. Coaching or mentorship abilities are key to corporate training. Finally under the heading of self-management, lie categories adaptability, positive outlook, achievement orientation and emotional self-control. Someone with the proper emotional self-control can directly tackle people related issues rather than skirting around them. Thus the right doze of emotional intelligence can be one of the key attributes towards one’s career development.


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