Most researches have proven the fact that employees prefer working at places which rank high on diversity. This trend is all the more exacerbated among the younger professionals. That is why companies across the board are consciously trying to set up talent recruitment practices that are free from bias and encourage diversity. In order to design such an ideal “values fit”, companies must advertise existing trends on career pages or on social media handles. Specific corporate trainings can be set up such as the ones by Facebook and Google to eliminate unconscious biases. The entire company leadership must hone in on this support by demonstrating how such values are encouraged across the organization. Technology can play a huge role in making recruitment fair or unbiased. Cloud technologies are being leveraged to scan through enormous quantities of data and analyze trends accordingly. Even Artificial Intelligence is being used to identify specific skills while chat bots exist which can conduct the first round discussion before the face-to-face interaction takes place. SAP for example has put in a programme to consciously recruit people suffering from autism. This also helps the company gain goodwill in the talent market.


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