As the discipline of marketing continues to evolve, newer trends have set in which have rendered several established practices as either irrelevant or redundant. Thus some fifteen indicators have been identified, the presence of which clearly demonstrates that the said organization needs a rethink in its marketing strategy. Such organizations have little or no idea of inbound marketing, instead still relying on radio spots, TV commercials or billboards. The marketing strategy is not well-documented at such places. Time and again email has proven to be the most effective means at digital marketing, so it mustn’t be ignored. While the company does use social media for its marketing purposes, it does not have a clear social strategy. It is only used to post links for the company blog which itself is not periodically updated. The company social media handled must never be abused to post personal content. SEO is long-term game, so will never click for those seeking instant results. An even more grave issued would be if even on searching the company name on Google, the brand cannot be located on the first few searches. Also, all competitors are outranking the business on Google. Marketers at such organizations do not make optimum use of analytics to detect game-changing business intelligence. They must instead make sure that a scenario does not arise where site visits are aplenty but sales few. The marketing campaign is all mass-oriented and no segmented targeting is being followed. Marketing can never be a hobby which is done, when time permits, rather it must be set as a priority. A common failing for many is that content gets created but the same attracts few readers. Instead, due attention must be paid to what kind of content readers crave from the website that will be relevant to them.


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