Date: 17th Sep 2011 Seminar on ”Mergers & Acquisition”

Location: Skyline Business School- Hauz Khas Campus
Speaker: Mr. Prasant Malik, Manager- Mergers & Acquisitions (M & A), Thapar Industries
Mr. Prasant Malik began his lecture by speaking on the major learning objectives of the class & how this topic ‘mergers & acquisitions’ becomes important in corporates. He then explained some crucial technical terms on this broad topic. The students were also given an opportunity to interact with the speaker & they queried about the various types of takeovers which take place & how mergers & acquisitions are different from one another. Mr. Malik then spoke about the legislature for securities, a highly technical terminology & its basic workings. Finally the talk steered off towards discussion on the nitty-gritties of M & A and differentiated it from another term- amalgamation. Further some important terms he discussed were as follows:
a. Asset purchase
b. Cash transaction
c. Break fee
d. Confidentiality agreement
e. Conglomerate merger


Compiled by- Javed Alam, BBA L1 S1)


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