Date: 24th Sep 2011 Seminar on “Evolution of Mobile Communication Technologies” DSC02781

Location: Skyline Business School- Hauz Khas Campus
Speaker: Mr. Venu Gopal, Solution Manager- Network Systems, Nokia Siemens Network


Mr. Venu Gopal, started out his talk on “Evolution of Mobile Communication Technologies” by giving some information on the history of the evolution of mobile communication technologies. The first topic he discussed in depth was the 2G technology. The students then wanted to know how the transition took place from 2G to 3G technology. Mr. Venu Gopal duly complied and answered all such queries related to the subject. He even pre-empted the students on the fact that 4G technology is soon going to arrive in India. Being an industry insider, his words carried weight. He then spoke about the three generation technologies & their frequencies. The students then had a discussion amongst themselves & their next query was on different types of technologies like GSM, CDMA & LTC. Mr. Venu Gopal then explained the nuances of these kinds of technologies & how they work. He explained their main differences in technology & applications.     

Compiled by- Atul Kumar, BBA L1 S1

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