Date : 29th Sep 2011 Seminar on “International Business Scenario “

Location: Skyline Business School-Gurgaon Campus
Speaker: Mr.Anupam Bose- Manager, Engineering, Procurement and Constructions (EPC)-Sinopec Co. Limited.
The speaker for the seminar was Mr. Anupam Bose, a graduate in B.Tech Mechanical from Jalpaiguri Engineering College, West Bengal. He started his work in the year 1982 in Engineer India Limited. He worked in India for about 20 years and then planned to move abroad to gather more experience and explore new markets. An extrovert by nature Mr. Bose enjoys working in different work culture and with people of varied nations. He has worked in seven countries including India. Well settled in Gulf, he has worked in Iran, India, Oman, Iraq, UAE, Sudan, and Algeria.
He shared a lot of his experiences about the work culture of different countries. Currently working in oil and gas refineries of Iran, Mr. Bose shared a lot of facts about the oil and gas project execution.He also showed some pictures of the work site in Iran, which made the seminar even more interesting.
Some important facts shared were:
• Iran holds the world’s 3rd largest known oil reserve
• Only Saudi Arabia and Canada holds oil reserves larger than Iran
• In oil production and exports Iran ranks 4thDSC00300DSC00302DSC00304
• 56% of Iran’s oil exports are to Asia and 29%  to Europe
Iran has an excellent human resource in the field of energy. It just need to reconnect with the world, realign its disjointed priorities and develop its vast oil and natural gas resources. There may be initial hassles and resistance in working abroad but eventually abundance of knowledge and prized experience is gained.
All in all it was a very edifying and enlightening seminar which gave a brief outlook on International business. The session was quite interactive. The speaker shared his viewpoints over the emerging issues on the subject. Students from Skyline College were also given an opportunity to share their views and clear their doubts. Overall it was a very good learning experience on part of the students.
Compiled by- Nandini Prasad (MBA-First Semester student)

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