Date: 1st Oct 2011 Seminar on “Industry Requirements for Management Graduates”
Location: Skyline Business School- New Delhi CampusDSC02796
Speaker: Mr. Varun Sharma, Assistant Manager- Technical Marketing, LS Cables (a subsidiary of LG)


Mr. Varun Sharma gave a talk on the basics which management students often lack but are expected to possess to thrive in the workplace. Often students lack these skills when they initially join a company & their training becomes time-consuming. So first of all he posed a question to the students- “what is marketing?” While this is a basic question he wanted to gauge the understanding of the students’ perspective. He then explained the qualities a good manager is expected to have to succeed in the field of marketing. Students then asked how is it that 2 different companies with similar marketing strategies may succeed in 1 case & not in another. Mr. Sharma gave the answer to this question by citing the top management’s entrepreneurial instinct to be the main reason. Plan A may succeed in 1 scenario but may totally backfire in another case.

After speaking on these general points, Mr. Sharma brought the discussion to a more specific input on the company he works in. He explained how LS being a part of the larger LG family works in ways which reflect the culture of the overall group. He explained the relationship between the subsidiary & mother company.      

                                                       Compiled by- Anjali Saini, BBA L1 S1


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