Date: 3rd Oct 2011 Sketching & Slogan Writing ContestPicture_041
Contest: “Sketching & Slogan Writing Contest”
Location: Skyline Business School- New Delhi Campus
A “Sketching & Slogan Writing Contest” was held on the theme of “Gandhi Jayanti”. Being held on one of India’s National Holidays, it was greatly relevant for the students. The participants were given the option to either pen a poignant slogan or to sketch such a picture to show their respect for the “Father of the Nation”.
All the students gathered at the Library & showcased their creativity either with the brush or the pen. During the process there was also a lot of fun as the participants were very excited by the whole event. Finally after 2 hours of grueling artistry, the event came to a close. Chocolates were distributed to the participants. The Father of the Nation was thus bestowed upon with respect & love by the young generation in their own unique style.
Compiled by- Aritro Dasgupta Picture_042

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