Date: 15th Oct 2011 Seminar on “Marketing Initiatives by Indian Banks”
Location: Skyline Business School- Hauz Khas Campus
Speaker: Mr. Rakesh Mohan Diwan, General Manager- Punjab National Bank (PNB),DSC02852


Mr. Rakesh Mohan Diwan started his discussion with a basic introduction to what a bank does besides the usual activities. He also explained the entire process of banking & what all it encompasses. The students got engrossed in the discussion & so Mr. Diwan moved it on to more technical areas of expertise & touched topics like Cash Reserve Ratio (CRR) & Statutory Liquid Ration (SLR). Students also wanted to know about the practical aspects as to how banks market themselves. He demonstrated the various services provided by the bank & how each of those activities are marketed.
Mr. Diwan then moved on to speaking about some relatively new concepts on which a lot of work is taking place these days like- e-commerce & e-banking. He then introduced the students to the concept of virtual money. In this the students got a chance to know about the working mechanisms of Debit & Credit cards. They now grasped the importance of this concept. Finally Mr. Diwan spoke about the operations of a bank & how a bank makes profits. Profits ultimately keep the bank functioning & so the speaker stressed on key operations which generate revenues for banks. 
                                                                 Compiled by- Neha Ahuja, BBA L3 S1.


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