Date: 20th Oct 2011 Seminar on “Importance of Value Investment”



Location: Skyline Business School, Gurgaon campus

Speaker: Mr. Vishal Mittal, Managing Director- Altais Advisors Pvt. Ltd.

Mr. Mittal has 12 Years of rich experience in Corporate Finance & Strategy and is an MBA graduate in the field of finance. The seminar gave an interesting insight on value investment, where he explained about growth and deep value investing. He also updated us on the special situation investing where special situation refers to event those results in an investment opportunity.

Mr. Mittal emphasized on the common thread between investment and business, which involves the following factors.
• Circle of competence
• Business like approach
• Margin of safety

He then mentioned about the opportunities in the field of financial statement analysis where the key areas were Growth, Profitability, Risk & Capital Allocation.

The seminar gave us a distinct vision & understanding of investment & its opportunities. On the whole the seminar was very engrossing & interesting. All in all it was a very edifying and enlightening seminar which gave a brief outlook on International business. The session was quite interactive. The speaker shared his viewpoints over the emerging issues on the subject. Students from Skyline College were also given an opportunity to share their views and clear their doubts. Overall it was a very good learning experience on part of the students.

Compiled by- Nandini Prasad-Student -MBA 1st Year.DSC00020

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