Date: 20th Oct 2011 DIWALI EXUBERANCE
Location-Skyline Business School-Gurgaon CampusP1010004


Diwali, Festival of Colours & lights had a great impact on Skyline Business School.  A festival that is celebrated for the victory of Ram over Ravana and his homecoming gives a lot of joy and hope of bringing lights and sparkles in everybody’s life.
In the daily hustle bustle of assignments and projects, the students of Skyline planned to celebrate Diwali together. It was a joint effort by all the students where everyone had something or the other to contribute. The initial planning involved a lot of brainstorming where, new ideas were appreciated and taken into consideration. Finally few events & contests were announced to celebrate the occasion.
On the “D” day, the excitement & anxiety was on the horizon and the students took charge of lighting, decoration, pandal & snacks.The events started at 4:00 p.m with Rangoli competition where 3 teams were competing & eventually the first semester student won it. The event got over by 5:30 p.m .By that time all the decoration was done in the campus and skyline looked beautiful. The campus are drenched in the festivity with colorful lights, diyas & Rangoli made by the students. Then events like musical chair, passing the parcel, treasure hunt that took place where the students enjoyed a lot.
After the competitions got over, it was time for same leg shake. Students happy & satisfied with the success of the event danced their heart out, which was then joined by our respected faculty members as well. Diwali is incomplete without crackers & mithai. We for sure did not miss on that. All of us had sparklers in our hand & enjoyed the mithai.
Eventually Diwali party ended on an ecstatic note. It did bring transient joy and lights in our life.P1010047





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