Date: 3rd Nov 2011 Seminar on-“Impact Investment in India: Today’s Challenges = Tomorrow’s Opportunity.” IMG00046-20111103-1651 
Location: PHD Chamber, Hauz Khas
Speaker: Mr. Eoghan Mackie(Founder & Chief Executive-Challenges Worldwide), Mr. Salil Bhandari(President PHD Chamber), Mr. Shyam Bang (Chairman, Industry Affairs Committee), Mr. Gursharan Singh (co-Chairman of the Industry Affairs Committee, PHD Chamber).
The main speaker of the day was Mr. Eoghan Mackie who is the Founder & Chief Executive of the organization- Challenges Worldwide. The main topic of the day was how changes in investment policy & pattern are having a greater impact on the nation’s economy & society at large.
The session was inaugurated by Mr. Salil Bhandari who is President PHD Chamber, as he introduced to us the key topics for the day’s discussion & the reason for convening on the day. Then Mr. Shyam Bang who is Chairman, Industry Affairs Committee, PHD Chamber followed up by speaking about the various investment opportunities that have sprung up in recent years. He also introduced Mr. Mackie to the audience & spoke about his various achievements in industry.
Mr. Eoghan Mackie who is a British citizen, spoke mainly about the concept of sustainability both environmental as well as in industry. He spoke at length about the concept of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) & how that is different from philanthropy. He feels that CSRs usually are just a way of providing a positive image of the organization to the outside world. Quite often the real situation does not reflect what is shown in the CSR report. The speaker also feels that the deluge in the Micro Finance industry is a reflection of the social sector not living up to its moral high ground. He spoke for a while & then he left the floor open to discussion for all the participants. The interaction then took place where questions were put forth by the delegates & Mr. Mackie very patiently tried to answer these queries.
Finally the session was brought to a close by Mr. Gursharan Singh who is the co-Chairman of the Industry Affairs Committee, PHD Chamber. He proposed a vote of thanks specially for Mr. Eoghan Mackie & also acknowledging the other speakers & the audience. The vote of thanks was concluded by a round of High Tea for all the speakers & delegates.
Compiled by- Aritro Das IMG00041-20111103-1619

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