Healthcare is one of those sectors which will require major innovations to set correct. Presently costs are soaring and alternatives are required to ensure universal health coverage. Three entrepreneurs in particular have come close to it through their transformative business innovations. The first of them is Kuppuswamy Chandrashekhar who started Forus Health with specific focus on eyecare. Then there is Dr. Vishal Rao also from India who invented AUM which is an affordable voice prosthesis device. It helps in restoring speech to throat cancer victims. And finally, there is Dinesh Seemakurty to complete the Indian trio. He founded Stasis Labs. Among other things, it invented a device to monitor the vital signs of a patient. All these innovators could have taken up comfortable high-paying jobs, but their passion towards their trade ensured that they took the additional steps to make affordable healthcare a reality.


Uploaded Date:18 July 2018

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