Digital transformation is one of the key challenges facing leadership teams at present. A key tenet here is not too change too many things, especially those that are already working well. Employees do not respond well when there are constant changes in personnel. There are certain kinds of conversations, that leaders need to engage in with their team members during reorganization. The first of them is the one on the team storyline. This includes the achievements of the last year, things they are proud of, and what measures could be added in. This is an ideal medium to gain business intelligence on what employees really feel, and in what ways their productivity could be improved. Another such conversation needed is on new challenges the team members would like to take up. This stage must involve the actual customers’ live feedback. A leader good at talent management will make sure, that the final conversation ought to be on how to realign the work. This requires a shared understanding of team goals. These now need to be revisited to align with the bigger picture of what is needed then. Overall, a strategy of ‘listen, leverage, learn’ must be adopted.


Uploaded Date:23 February 2018

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