Failure at work and broadly in life may be divided into three stages. They are the failures of tactics, strategy and vision. The tactical failures may also be categorized as the ‘How’ fails. In order to rectify this stage, one needs to record the process to get valuable business intelligence on reasons for the same. The final results must be evaluated against desired outcomes. Once this is done, a review is a must so the tactics may be altered. The second is the failure at corporate strategy. To do it better, it needs to be launched quickly, so as not to linger on an idea. As there may be unforeseen hurdles, the pilot must be relatively inexpensive so as not to commit too much of resource. Since time is previous, so failed initiatives need be revised rapidly as executed by Nintendo, Starbucks and 37 Signals. The failure at vision can question every known ounce of conventional wisdom as done long back by Ralph Waldo Emerson. To fix this, a reassessment needs to be made on life and how things can be improvised. One needs to fix aspects which are non-negotiable so will remain solid values throughout life and career. Criticism must be taken openly, as a way of fixing failures rather than by getting defensive. A last failure not yet discussed is the one of opportunity. If not grasped at the right time, they may go begging.


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