Abraham Maslow’s famous pyramid in the Hierarchy of Needs theory is considered a central principle in companies’ battle for talent management and retention. However, this pyramid was drawn up many decades back, at a time when most of the workforce was engaged in manufacturing. Today, this has become less relevant as companies are battling it out to be rated as the best places to work, as such ratings in turn have generally led to much improved productivity levels. This is why there is a need for a new such scale, so three parameters were found to be most important today being- Career, Community and Cause. A detailed study was conducted on Facebook to deduce the importance of these terms across diverse backgrounds. Contrary to popular perception, Millennials were not as enthused about the cause part as those above fifty-five years of age were. Trends are similar if one compares against location across the world or even within North America in particular. There is some variation when compared among professions, with tech employees generally less concerned about cause and business pros most concerned about their careers.


Uploaded Date:03 March 2018

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