Retail is one industry which is evolving fast. The downfall of iconic brands such as Sears and Toys R Us might lead one to fear these changes, but in fact it is merely a churn and not an overall decline for the industry. Forbes has released its eighth annual 30 Under 30 for the retail segment. On top is the husband-wife duo of Kory and Mallory Stevens who cofounded Taft. NBA star Dwayne Wade is a key patron, and Taft has received decent angel funding investment. Eric Huang and Steven Mazur are inducted into the list thanks to their business innovation in men’s dressing for those below 5’8” in height through Ash & Erie. Also on the list is Jenna Kerner who along with Wharton MBA alumnus Jane Fisher started off Harper Wilde. The list is diverse and inclusive. Some of the other key members included are Kimberley Ho, Karissa Bodnar, Paul Michaux, Melanie Masarin, MichaleKrakaris, Jessica Schinazi, Shan-Lyn Ma and the Bercaw sisters- Caroline and Isabel.


Uploaded Date:17 November 2018

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