Date: 18th Jan 2012 Industry visit to “Mother Dairy”123
Location:  (Delhi NCR)
The second semester MBA students were taken to -the milk and dairy giant, “Mother Dairy” for their Industrial Visit on 18th Jan , 2012.  Mother Dairy was established in the year 1974 as a result of “operation flood”. The objective of the organization is “to serve the farmers and the consumers”. 80% of the earnings of the organization goes to the farmers who provides them with the essential raw material-milk. Mother Dairy is well known for its milk and milk products like ice creams, mishti dohi, and kheer. It covers a wide share of market in Delhi and Delhi-NCR.
Mother Dairy’s average sales of milk are 20 lakh ltr per day, which it efficiently distributes through its huge container vans. The marketing and distribution is done through its outlets and franchisees all over the city. The most interesting and innovative way of distribution adopted by them is through -wending machines. One can get as much quantity of milk just by dropping a coin in the wending machine. These machines have been set up in its outlets and milk is made available to these outlets by the vans every day.
Mr. I.M Jose, senior superintendent –customer awareness, was the guide and co-ordinator, who gave us an informative insight on the procurement, production, operation and the marketing strategies of the company. Mr. Jose has been associated with the company for the past 37 years. He shared interesting facts and revelations about Milk and Ice creams, which kept us glued and interested throughout the session.
Mother Dairy is very specific about its hygiene and quality. The milk undergoes 4 processing techniques before it reaches the consumers, which involves- Clarification, Homogenization, Standardization, and Pasteurization.
The company started producing ice creams in the year 1994 and has a lot of takers for its varied flavors. It gives a tough competition to other brands like amul and kwality walls. Coming to mother dairy and not getting ice creams was least expected, eventually all the students were given vanilla flavored milk and ice creams, which concluded our trip on a sweet note.
On the whole, the trip was highly edifying and it enlightened us on the functioning and operation of such enormous industries
                                                          Compiled by: Nandini Prasad (MBA-1st Year Student)Photo2049



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