Date: 21st Jan 2012 Seminar on ““Insight from Inside” :DSC03162
Location: Skyline Business School-New Delhi Campus
Speaker: Mr.Paras Kaushik (Head Retail Human Resources Madura Group) and Ms. Varsha (HR Sales Gurgaon) —Madura F&L (Fashion and Lifestyle) of Aditiya Birla Group.
There was a seminar held in the college premises under the supervision of Mr. Aritro Dasgupta. The seminar was organized by Madura F&L (Fashion and Lifestyle) which is one of the renowned companies of Aditiya Birla Group. The spokespersons for the same were- Mr.Paras Kaushik (Head Retail Human Resources Madura Group) who was accompanied by Ms. Varsha (HR Sales Gurgaon)
In the seminar lights were thrown on the topic “Insight from Inside” which included how one should write the resumes and the way one should prepare himself/herself for the interviews. Moreover topics like HR as a profession; Madura F& L, etc were also covered. At last but not least students were made aware of internship program Moreover he emphasized the importance of organizational culture and the effect of culture. Lastly emphasis was also paid on relationship in this specific industry.


The session was quite interactive. The speaker shared his viewpoints over the emerging issues on the subject. Students from Skyline College were also given an opportunity to share their views and clear their doubts. Overall it was a very good learning experience on part of the students. The speaker was kind enough to clarify all our doubts.

                      Compiled by- Ms. Tanzeela Shah (BBA- First Year Student Student)


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