Date : 14th Mar 2012 Seminar on “Labour Market” 1
Location: Skyline Business School –Gurgaon campus
Speaker: Ms. Saraswati Raju- Professor in “Centre for the study of Regional Department”, Jawaharlal Nehru University.

The speaker for today’s seminar was Ms. Saraswati Raju, working as a Professor in “Centre for the study of regional department”, Jawaharlal Nehru University. The topic for today’s seminar was “Labor Market”. Ms. Saraswati commenced the seminar with an introduction to the labor market and the recent facts and figures concerning to it.
Labor market in India is diverse and huge. India being a developing country has 60%of its market share coming from the rural sector. Labor market issues include employment, unemployment, participation rates and wages. In particular, in recent times, demographic changes have resulted in an increasingly ageing workforce. Labor markets provide the structure through which workers and employers interact in relation to jobs, working conditions and pay.
Labor market outcomes are influenced by the institutions and processes of collective bargaining, including the roles played by employers’ organizations and trade unions. The rural sector has both men and women working in different areas. There are generally three sectors where they are employed – self- employed salaried and casual labor. Women laborers also have an equal share in the labor market and in most of the areas they are more involved than the men. According to the recent statistics, in the year 2007 -2008 around 37.7% of the labor market comprise of women which has shown a decline in the year 2009-2010 which was 33.6%.
Women in our society are vulnerable to a lot of exploitation and changes in the economy. They also have a lot of constraints relating to their family and children. In such a situation handling their family along with their jobs is a herculean task. This is the reason why we see their inclination towards home based working. But there are also a lot of disadvantages of working at home, some of them are mentioned in the famous book by Amrit Sen “The art of going out”. The book says that home based working increases the burden on women employees and reduces the worker’s efficiency. According to the recent statistics, about 55% of women in the rural India are home based workers.
The seminar gave us a close insight on the labor market scenario and helped us know the interesting facts and figures relating to it.

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Compiled by- Nandini Prasad MBA First yea2r student

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