Date : 8th Aug 2012

Seminar on “Why MNCs continue to dominate the Indian consumer durables sector”cima
Location: Skyline Business School,New Delhi


Speaker: Ms. Shruti Gill


Ms. Shruti Gill began her session by speaking briefly on the actual dominance of the Indian consumer durables sector by MNCs. She gave supporting statistics to drive home her point. Students asked what the main reasons were for the same. The speaker then told the students that it was all about marketing & promotion on which special focus was put. She then spoke briefly about the 4 Ps concepts about which management students were already familiar.


Her next level of discussion touched upon some specific topics relevant to the topic of discussion. The first of those was – marketing mix. She then introduced the students to some new concepts like DINK which elaborates as Double Income No Kids. DINK are a specific group of working married couples who are yet to have children & are thus free to lavish money on luxuries of their choice. The MNCs particularly target that group during their promotional activities. She also spoke about the relationship between the DINK group & particularly the FMCG industry. At the end of the session students asked the speaker lots of questions on the topic concerned which she duly replied.

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Compiled by – Mr. Aritro Dasgupta with assistance from Atul Kumar student of BBA L2 S1

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