Date : 14th Aug 2012


Seminar on “Role of Utility companies in the Telecom Industry”
Location:Skyline Business School, New Delhi


Speaker: Mr. Atanu Dasgupta


Mr. Atanu Dasgupta began his lecture by first defining the term- “UTELCO”. They are utility companies which help in the transmission of data between the medium of telecommunication lines. He described how for long this sector has been under government monopoly but now the private sector is foraying & thus building up competition. Thus these lines are now safer than they used to be. Students then asked the speaker further on the operational details. Now Mr. Dasgupta explained that most of the transmission lines are located underground in order to avoid corrosion. They thus work much longer sans defects.


The speaker then moved on to describing specific cases of Utelcos & their purpose. He alluded to the fact that state water supply & electricity departments have massive infrastructural advantages. Same is true about the national railway network. They utilities are now diversifying in to the telecommunications transmission sector taking advantage of their wide reach. To cite an example, the Indian Railways have started an organization called Railtel which provides support to the telecom industry. Similarly Power Grid Corporation has started running a separate department called Powertel which deals with the same. Students thus got an overview of the convergence between telecom & power sectors.

The business research & consuling department is increasingly perceived as being not just responsible for the organization of research, but also for sharing and distributing knowledge and expertise in a credible and convincing way.


Compiled by – Mr. Aritro Dasgupta with assistance from Tarunjeet Singh student of MBA L1 S1

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