Date : 22nd Aug 2012

Seminar on “Essence of Leadership” leadership
Location: Skyline Business School, New Delhi


Speaker: Mr. Sujit Kumar-Head—Sales & Business Development–Nippon Data Systems


Mr. Sujit Kumar based his talk on motivational aspects within leadership. He began the same by posing two very basic questions. They were- “who are you” & “what you want”. A management student who wants to be a leader, has to be clear in his / her mind on these aspects. The concerned person must stick to what he / she wants to achieve. Certain traits which a business leader must possess include- competence, honesty, inspiration & vision.


Students now asked the speaker how they could reach the pinnacle of leadership. Here the speaker elaborated on his own experiences & how challenges must be embraced. One must learn from challenges by drawing clear goals. Often in times of crisis, a diagrammatic break down of problems leads to solutions instead of long winded paragraphs.


A leader must also have enough credibility to lead by example. The person’s passion will reflect in his / her charisma. Mr. Kumar also stressed on the fact that leaders need to be constant learners. If they do not possess some skills, they must strive hard to acquire it. Constant upgradation is a very important aspect which all business leaders must focus on.


Things to be strictly avoided include- plagiarism & corruption. Idealism must also be limited as leaders need to be practical & focused on the job at hand. In short- leadership is viral. It spreads like wildfire. A competent & honest leader will be respected throughout the organization & help in the team building process in order to achieve final goals.

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Compiled by – Mr. Aritro Dasgupta with assistance from Stephanie Wuttke student of BBA L1 S1

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