Different kinds of work environments are suited to different personalities. There broadly exist four kinds of workplaces. The first such model is “company as community”. Here the entire workflow is designed keeping in mind employee requirements. Teamwork and loyalty are placed as the bedrock principles against which all things happen. The next model is known as “constellation of stars”. This is ideal for a disparate team of stars who all want to reach the top level. Competitiveness at work is put above all other requirements. Talent management is extremely critical at such places because big egos need to be leveraged towards organizational benefits. In “not just a company, a cause” model, personal happiness is put back in preference for organizational success. USAA is one such example where passion for the brand has become paramount among employees. The “small is beautiful” approach puts emphasis on small teams. Some companies prefer to remain small by concentrating on things that they’re really good at rather than commercializing all. The choice of workplace ultimately depends solely on individuals’ preferences.


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