An oft-cited quality that leaders are expected to have is decisiveness. Yet, this is not always desirable especially when decisive decisions are made with incomplete or worse conflicting streams ofinformation. One of the reasons for this lack of preparedness for crises situations is the usual risk-avoidance at place. Companies conduct market research or focus groups to get a better grip of the situation. But this caution is not possible during any crisis. To gauge the risk-averseness of any organization, a test has been designed around the so-called 4 Rs. These 4 Rs are – Regret, Repeal, Repercussions and Resilience. As the name suggests the first 2 Rs stand for the long-term impacts and the costs of undoing something that unexpectedly backfired. The last 2 Rs are about the people who are affected and the ability to withstand untold pressures. One needs to be clear about the values one wishes to cultivate. Similarly, one must be able to tell and hear the brutal truth.


Uploaded Date:04 September 2018

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