Date : 18th Dec 2012

Seminar: on “Penguin’s- Indian Beyond 2020..!!

Location: India Habitat Centre, New Delhi

Speaker: Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam



On 18th December 2012, Aritro Dasgupta attended. a lecture by Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam at India Habitat Centre to commemorate Penguin’s 25 years of presence in India. Following were some of the key points addressed by Dr. Kalam:

1. Sustainable development is the way forward for India.

2. Technologies can pose risks but if used properly, produce the best results, clear example being nuclear energy

3. To reduce corruption, everyone must start at home & reduce household level corruption if they notice

4. There are local level synergies in every district of India which have not been leveraged fully by local people; he has been working with NGOs especially in UP. eg: with mango farmers’ cooperatives in Maleehabad


This seminar was very influential and interactive. All the participants attended the seminar and their feedback was very positive.


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