Date : 10th Jan 2013

Seminar: on “Importance of social media”. 

Location: Skyline Business School, Gurgaon 

Speaker: Mr. Rajagopalan C. —-CEO Pragmatic Learning Pvt. Ltd



Mr. Rajagopalan.c began his session by asking few questions about Marketing & brands. Then, he discussed about the importance of social media for fetching a good job. He told as about an article named “2013-SOCIAL HR” in FORBES magazine. In the upcoming years the hard copy of resume is going to get vanished and dynamic resume will be more on LinkedIn, twitter, goggle+, etc. as dynamic resume shows the current status of employees. The recruiters go to social networking sites of an employee and gather information about that person. His next level of discussion was about KLOUT score-An online rating tool. He suggested us to mention KLOUT score in our resume. Then he told us to try make ourselves a brand by posting views online on social media.


He also told us about a process gamification in which firms give badges to their employees for good work, punctuality by which employees are motivated to work in the organization

At the end of the session students asked many questions on the topic concerned which he duly replied.


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Compiled by – Ms. Neha Wadhwa with assistance from Rakesh Kumar Senapati & Hitika Madan of MBA L1S2.

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