Date : 5th Mar 2013 

Seminar: on “Cloud Computing”.

Location: Skyline Business School, Delhi campus

Speaker: Mr. Ankush Gupta Sales Head- North & East India, Tata Consultancy Services (TCS)


ccMr. Ankush Gupta started his session with a brief introduction on what exactly is Cloud Computing. He then described the phenomenal pace at which it is growing & the various technologies which are being made use of by this.

Once the students understood the technologies used, they then asked what were the models. One very important model, the speaker described about was- I clouding. It is a model where the users pay less, help in storage & use virtual space. i -cloud is the used for storage & backup purposes. There are three modes of ownership of cloud computing space. They are public, private & community. Mr. Gupta then spoke about the merits of the process. He explained that it is easy to access, provides flexibility, free storage & is cost effective. However, the speaker ended his session with a dire warning stating that there still remain some demerits of the technology. He explained how security is a massive issue as yet unresolved with Cloud Computing. Also due to limited awareness, especially in developing markets, the technology is not being used to the optimum as yet.

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Written by Aritro Dasgupta (with assistance from Tanzeela Shah, BBA L2 S2)

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