Date : 6th Aug 2013

Blood Donation Camp 2013

Location: New Delhi


On Tuesday, 6th August, 2013 a Blood Donation Camp was organized in the premises of Skyline Business School, Delhi campus. It was organized by the Rotary Club. This was a part of a series of visits as previously also such events were held. 


blood donation

The students had been informed prior to the day about this event & thus they were all well prepared. Some had trepidations, but on being encouraged by the faculty members & their peers, they all felt motivated to donate blood. The Rotary Club came with their complete equipment. Leading the group was a trained doctor in the field.


One by one, students came to the room, filled up their forms & went forward for the blood donation procedure. The doctor first checked for the blood pressure & breathing of all students & staff members who were willing to donate. As testified by her, unless the donor was 200% fit, blood donation was not accepted as it could lead to health complications for both the donor as well as blood recipient. Once the donation was done, each student/ staff member was provided food & drink to retrieve much needed nourishment. One Skyline alumnus also donated blood while she was in the campus for some official purpose. Some volunteers even came from outside the college as the event was publicized on Rotary’s website.


Overall the day proved to be a grand success. Students had a good time while also doing a service which may help others in need. In the end Rotary personnel promised to visit Skyline again due to the overwhelming response.


Compiled by – Aritro Dasgupta

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