Date : 17th Aug 2013

Name:  Mr. Sanjiv Das
Designation:  Corporate Trainer
Organization:  Bombay Stock Exchange
Venue:  Skyline Business School, Delhi campus
Target Audience:  BBA Students
Topic:  Insight into Equity Markets


Equity MarketMr. Sanjiv Das is a trainer from Bombay (BSE) who conducted this Seminar as part of BSE’s drive to educate young students & investors regarding equity markets. He opened the session by giving a brief introduction about BSE & what the indices stand for. In relation, he even discussed about National Stock Exchange (NSE & the complex inter-relationship between the two.


The students were intrigued by the topic, but one particular issue which has been a burning issue in recent times, caught their attention the most. They asked the reason for the constant decline of rupee against the dollar. This query the speaker explained with full diligence as this topic is related to his work. Mr. Das then took up the topic of what are capital markets. He even explained about the different levels of markets. Students then went on a discussion with the speaker regarding the exact structure of the Share Market & how they can get involved. Mr. Das even agreed to take the students for a live demonstration of the share market someday at BSE’s Delhi trading floors.


The business & market research department is increasingly perceived as being not just responsible for the organization of research, but also for sharing and distributing knowledge and expertise in a credible and convincing way.

– Written by Aritro Dasgupta (with assistance from Anjali Saini, BBA L3 S1

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