The biggest reasons that mergers-and-acquisitions tend to frequently fail, is the human factor. People, especially the leaders on top refuse to change. A new organization has been created, so a lot of aspects feel disorienting. A particular study puts the failure rate as high as seventy-to-ninety percent. Even if we go for the more conservative fifty-fifty rate of success and failure, the main missing ingredient has been agile leaders who embrace change. Identification of such leaders is an art, but pointers indicate that these kinds of people share certain common traits. These leaders are very clear about the corporate strategy to be implemented. They are futuristic and grasp opportunities as and when they arrive. They specifically seek out company related bad news, because they keen to gauge real-time business intelligence. These leaders also look to identify areas where the previously existing boundaries between the organizations can be better bridged. These could be interchangeable capabilities. They do not fear experimentation for the sake of innovation. This also fosters an ideal environment for R&D managers to thrive.


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