Mergers and Acquisitions more often than not, do not see the intended target. On average worldwide, there is a 70- 90 percent failure rate for the same. A lot of this to do with the leadership and its style. Some behaviours of leaders have been identified, following which, companies can smoothly embrace change. For a start, a compelling, clear purpose needs to be shared. A robust corporate strategy will help align all team activities around it. These leaders also need to be creative to see opportunities ahead. For this, successes need to be advertised, building in a positive atmosphere. The leader needs to track authentic data- driven business intelligence, to understand what strategies are working out the best, and which aren’t. Calculated experiments need to be carried out, while promoting the concept of risk- taking. These are also the leaders who proactively build boundary- spanning partnerships.


Uploaded Date:10 August 2019

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