There are times, when entrepreneurs face this situation of actually giving up, with no hope left. The business is probably not doing well or showing any signs of encouragement. At these times, it is pertinent to ask oneself some critical questions to try and resolve the situation. The first such question must be whether it is the time to actually give up or simply change track by transforming the business into a different model. It is probably time to be creative and try some business innovation from the learning out of the myriad failures. He/she must also assess whether the situation one is in, is intentional or due a combination of several causes. Giving up must not be the prerogative of the entrepreneur alone, but he/she must consult the rest of the team too, as they have also invested time and effort into the project. One needs to gauge how far is the work from the intended target. Finally, the entrepreneur must learn to separate oneself from the business. Personal performance must not be mixed with business results. This is a problem several startups face.


Uploaded Date:27 February 2018

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