While several companies are failing at the execution part of the corporate strategy drawn up, certain common themes have been identified for this collective failure. The first of these is a sense of mistrust among employees leading to inadequate information sharing. A clear example is that at Microsoft in the previous decade, when years before the launch of Apple’s first iPhone, Microsoft came to know of it. But they failed to beat Apple in the game due to poor talent management practices at Microsoft where a stack system for rankings was followed. This system prevented collaboration within the team of software developers. The second major barrier is a low level of openness towards transformation. At such places, there is often a lot of talk, but little in terms of actual output. Even, when action is taken, it is not aligned to the strategy drafted. This action is very mechanistic with little focus towards creativity. In order to preserve the status quo, a certain complacency creeps in to the operations.


Uploaded Date:23 February 2018

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