Customer service examples that elicit a “wow” do not necessarily take place at five-star hotels, but can happen at any level. Yet. It at the five-star level too, some such examples exist. One such is at Little Washington’s The Inn. Here a situation occurred where an elderly couple checked in for a three-night stay but had forgotten their money. A customer service executive unsolicited ventured to drive all the way to Pittsburgh and got the amount post an eight-hour drive. At the Five-Star Montage Palmetto Bluff Resort in South Carolina, a house attendant on seeing the youngest in the family struggle to get a better experience not only arranged for resolving that but even brought the trainer along. This enabled the entire family’s vacation experience to be enhanced by many times. Two other such business innovations on the customer service side took place at the Dove Mountain Resort in Arizona. The final one to cover happened at the Four Seasons Hotel in Austin in Texas. As a playful joke, a tourist once asked the customer service executive that she wanted a pony. Immediately the response was received with a brochure containing all areas within a radius of twenty-five miles where horses could be procured from.


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