Antarctica –

Divine Beauty of nature, clearest and most solitary grounds of the planet.

My Experience of Standing before an unusual landscape, home of Penguins and much rare wildlife, where low temperatures abound, and the ice & snow take over the magnificent stage.


This January, 2015 I was among the few passionate travellers who visited the mysterious seventh continent. We started our journey from Ushuaia, Argentina. This place is also known as end of the world. The Ship moved from Argentinean waters to the Chilean Waters and finally into the Drake Passage (the body of water between the southern tip of South America at Cape Horn, Chile and the South Shetland Islands of Antarctica).


The 2 days ship journey in Drake Passage is itself an experience of life time. We were in open sea, no mountains or land body in the vicinity to stop the high velocity of winds. The sea was rough and ship shaking to extend that we can only move holding the nearby support with one hand. The Drake Passage is also home of many unique wild life including Sea birds, Whale and Seals. We spotted all three of them.


Sea Bird at Drake Passage – They sleep on the ocean waves


As we crossed the Drake Passage we were just few hours away from South Shetland Islands of Antarctica. The nature was at its best, high velocity of winds and we came across the first Iceberg which gave the feeling to our entry to the seventh continent.


 Iceberg – After cross Drake Passage and on our way to South Shetland Islands

Finally the ship stopped and we were all ready to board the Zodiac for Antarctica Landing.


Zodiac Landing

 I landed in the remote, magical place that greeted me with its awe-inspiring beauty. It’s the Aitcho Island with thousands of penguins and massive glaciers surrounding it. We could hear and smell the penguins. The nature was its best and for me it was a Divine Beauty.


Aitcho Island – Antartica   

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