Strait of Magellan

Punta Arenas, Chile also known as Southernmost Point of the world and on the Strait of Magellan is a wonderful Spanish town.


The trip to Antarctica was done and now was the time to say goodbye to the mysterious isolated land and connect back to the world. Antarctica has a small Airport rather a single runway at Chilean Research base. The only flight linkage to Antarctic was to Punta Arenas, Chile. We boarded the flight to Punta Arenas which has only 3-4 departures in a month from November – March each year.

Finally landed to the Strait of Magellan and a small drive from airport to the small city centre.


It gives a great feeling to spend vacation at a place with currency lower than Indian Rupees. 1 INR was equivalent to 9.9 Chilean Peso and the town was also cheap with lots of food joint on the street. The food speciality was large sandwiches, burgers and lots of Cheese.

As Punta Arenas is the only airport connecting to Antarctica the tourists visit here for Fly-in and Fly-out trip to Antarctica or one way cruise and return Flight trip as was my case. As mentioned above there are only 3-4 departures in a month (Nov-March) and these trips are scheduled more than a year in advance. There are probabilities of flight cancellations due to weather or technical issue. Even if your dream trip to Antarctica is cancelled or rescheduled you will never regret the visit to this place.


A small boat ride from Punta Arenas is the penguin colony at Isla Magdalena. You need not visit Antarctica to see penguins and this was a cheaper and quicker route to explore the unseen wildlife. Majority of tourists who can’t afford the hefty price of visiting Antarctica choose to Visit penguin colony at Isla Magdalena.

The journey back from Punta Area to India is long as Santiago (Capital of Chile) is 3 ½ hour flight and further a flight to London/New York and then the flight to India.

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