The Mara Community


Breakfast in Mara Style


Mara People


Staying in Tent


The Villagers in Mara Tribe


The huts of Mara Community


Inside the hut


The Mara Community is one of the old tribal communities of Kenya. Till few Years early a child who is willing to be educated had to walk 20 Kms to the nearest school. On the way many were eaten by deadly animals as Mara Community is adjacent to Masai Mara Game Reserve the safari capital of the world. Now few NGOs have established school and health camps in the area. The village I visited had no electricity and nearest electric connection was 150 Kms away. They don’t use match stick to lit fire instead use a special stone for doing so.  There stay in small group of 80-100 in a village. Every 10 Yrs the village is shifted as the huts can only last for this period and they are to be rebuilt. The tribe follow own rituals like marriage decided by high jump competition between men. The head of the village takes all the decision like approval for Marriage, Punishment etc. Mara is a remote community of Africa and now attracts many tourists who come there for the famous Masai Mara Safari. 

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