Jordan is must visit destination for a Globe Trotter. The country has Dead Sea which is the lowest point of the world, Jerash which is the best roman architecture outside Italy, Wadi Rum also known as the valley of moon and the wonder of the world – Petra. The country has a lot to contribute to the tourism sector.

Visiting the Seven Wonders of the World was always in my bucket list and so did I plan the trip to Jordan. The country doesn’t have good public transport and hiring a car is expensive but the only option when we have to travel the country in limited time. This was also one of the few countries including Egypt where you will find a lot of frauds near tourist destinations so one has to be careful.

Petra is also known as “Rose-Red City half as old as time”. The entry fee is expensive specially form a weak currency like ours. One must be mentally prepared to walk a lot or take a donkey ride. The vehicles are not allowed in Petra so only option is a donkey/horse ride if you are not willing to walk much.

The city of Petra took us way back into olden time and the city was like a hidden treasure or lost kingdom. The food and drinks inside the monument is very expensive.

Walking in Petra gave me a feeling, like I was walking in wonder land and exploring the lost kingdom. Each monument of the city was different and unique. 

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A passionate traveller, Visited 41 countries across all 7 continents and 6 wonders of world on vacation trips in 3 Yrs. The World Tour Continues…

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