People Matters Radio Program ‘Talking Matters’ with Mr. SV Nathan

Date 8th May 2015

Time: 12-12.30 PM

Attended By: Ms Sukhleen Oberoi

Format: Blog talk:  Radio Program

Organizers: People Matters

This blog talk radio program was organized by People Matters, on Talking Matter with Mr. SV Nathan who is the Senior Director and Chief Talent Officer at Deloitte India & had 28 years of experience in HR. He graduated in Mathematics and did his post graduation from XLRI, Jamshedpur.

 In this talk, he shared his career journey, learning’s and what made him a professional. He started his job with simple IT Company & as he decided to put his heart in whatever he will do, with this   he was successful in his work  

He shared few elements which made him successful:

$1A)     Hardwork

$1B)     Challenges

$1C)     Seek Opportunities

$1D)     Give HP—100%

$1E)      Patience  

$1F)      Listen more

$1G)     Learn from anybody and everybody

$1H)     Communicate well

$1I)        Stop worrying  about things what are beyond under control

$1J)       Get into smallest of details

Like we say life has its own way of giving things,life has given tremendous success to this man. He changed various sectors like from manufacturing to telecom & each sector he learnt something new and implemented somewhere

Another thing  that he shared  which I personally feel very true that work in an organization where you develop yourself, in terms of skills, knowledge and attitude and walk alone but carry everybody with you

It was just magical to listen to someone who had so much to ask of life he was simply maverick

$11.      At the end he gave advice for young Professionals:

$12.      Lot more patience as life is long

$13.      Always give more than you can

$14.      Take care of your health as it’s a paramount

$15.      Life is about others –give more

$16.      Keep let it go attitude

$17.      Always take feedback of yourself

In this I learnt that: Of the many things you build, the one of lasting value, is building people.


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