Key Speakers: Ms. Hana Abaza & Mr. Rob Zaleski

This write-up will explore the important learnings derived from the webinar. The SASSY approach was recommended for ensuring high converting business to business content experience. This approach must be taught as part of corporate training. 


SASSY is an acronym that stands for:

·         Scannable

·         Actionable

·         Sharable

·         Scalable

·         You- oriented


This includes the concept of being easy to read. It must include sub-heads.


Audience engagement is necessary to generate business. Calls to Action (CTAs) must always be included as part of campaigns. Ikea is one organization that has proved truly successful in this regard. Ikea’s corporate strategy has always focused on including CTAs in web campaigns.

CTAs also enable advanced marketing using smart filters. They ensure clarity in the campaign as potential users can directly access the landing pages. The context can then be clearly defined. Crucially it helps in identifying target audience for the digital marketing to be executed. The value thus becomes obvious over time.

During targeting, generic banners or CTAs is passé as a concept. They must be tailored as per target audience.


$1·         Content must be easy to share.

$1·         Sharing of the same must have value for some.

$1·         The person/ entity fishing for shares must themselves be doing so.

$1·         Live Chat has been identified by business research as ideal for converting sales in B2B segment.


In case product not scalable, Google will rate webpage as low and B2B conversion will suffer. CTAs may also be used to enable scale.


$1·         Optimize resource centre

$1·         Source traffic matters

You- oriented

Campaign must be tailored and personalized. The following table may better explain where our web page must fit to achieve best possible results:

$1·         Content

o   Top of funnel

o   Middle of funnel

o   Bottom of funnel

§  Topic

§  Type

§  Vertical

§  Persona

Vertical has been italicized as that is the position, occupying which will give best possible results. It will avoid time consumption or wastage.

Blogging is a necessary part of the you- oriented approach. The resource centre for information must have credibility.


The concept of gating involves protecting the data of important components. Premium content must by all means be gated especially at B2B levels as leak can become risky for the firm.

Email Marketing

This is another major method of generating page views. One must even encourage existing subscribers to share content. Uberflip, Hootsuite and Hubspot are important tools available to achieve the same.

Testing must be a continuous process. The art of visual content helps out in that matter. Also smart field may be tagged to content in order to achieve the same. This will provide an overall responsive experience for the visitor. 


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